Buying a Boat?

Dolphin Marine Used Boats

Here at Dolphin Marine we pride ourselves in our selection of used boats. Every boat that we sell gets a thorough going through. we check the condition of the Boat, Motor & trailer & can supply a report on each used boat package. Our used boat range covers all uses of boating from smooth water fishing to  offshore fishing & from general pleasure family boating to serious water skiing. we are always looking for used boats, if you find that the boat that you are looking for is not in our stock, give us a call & we can see what we can do to find your perfect used boat.

Questions to ask yourself when buying boat!


  • What activity will I use the boat for?    There are many different uses for boats, so you need to decide what you want to do with your used boat. Are you going to be fishing, skiing, cruising or sailing, with your boat? Boats are designed for different activities & are generally built for one main purpose. Multiple activities can be done from some boat designs but keep in mind, there is no perfect boat. you won't find a boat that will do everything well.


  • Where am I going to be using the boat?  Will the boat be used in fresh water, salt water, calm waters or open sea.


  • What is my vehicle cable of towing?  Check the towing capacity of your tow vehicle if you are thinking of purchasing a trailered boat. The vehicle must be cable of towing & stopping the weighted trailer. Strict transport laws apply here so this is certainly something to look into.


  • What size boat will I need to handle my activities?  How many people at any one time would you like to have in your boat? Boats have a limit of people & weight that can be carried in them. This is for safety. A boats carrying capacities is calculated on size of the boat & the amount of flotation that the boat has. With this in place you will be limited as to how many passengers your boat will handle. Another factor to consider, is the boat going to used offshore? If so, it needs to be able to handle rough seas. This is determined by the styling &
    size of the vessel.


  • What do I want my boat made from?  The 2 most common constructed boats are built from either fibreglass or aluminium. There are a few pros cons for both types. Fibreglass boats are heavier than aluminium boats of the same size, therefore will need a larger vehicle to tow it. On the plus side for fibreglass is the ride, because they are heavier, impact into a wave is much softer resulting in a smoother ride.  As an aluminium boat is much lighter,  it tends to shutter when hitting a wave causing the passengers an uncomfortable ride. This is also determined on the design of the hull. Some aluminium boats have a hull that is designed to help with this problem. As it is lighter this makes it easier to tow & handle.


  • How much maintenance do I want to do?  Once again the construction of the hull will have a small factor with the maintenance of your boat. Fibreglass boats take a little more looking after than an aluminium boat due to the finish of the hull & the interior. Fibreglass boats tend to also be more plush with the interior therefore take a little more looking after.